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Even more, we integrate your webshop with your physical store in a way you never thought possible.
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With Quopos, you manage from your POS system
your webshop, stock, customers and all orders.

Do you know that 85% of all sales start online? As a shop owner
it is crucial that you offer your products online.
Quopos makes this easier then ever.

Data Synchronisation

You change a price in your POS system? The webshop automatically uses this new price. This is true for all data, not only the price.

One Stock management

Your stock is always up-to-date, whether you sell something online or not.

Customer Database

One universal customer database for online and offline customers allows you to target each customer in detail.


Your online orders are immediately available on your POS system. This way, you can serve your online customers quickly.

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"Great content for your webshop is one of
the most ignored advantages."

Quobu has all the tools to make this 'your' advantage.

1. Create content

Your visitors come to your webshop because they are interested in your product line. Making sure that this product line is represented professionally should be your no. 1 concern. We are experts in this. Text, photo and video, we have it covered.

2. Webshop

We develop your webshop, taking into account the most strict web standards. We'll build you a site that delivers results.

3. Online communication

Your webshop needs visitors. Only using a good communication strategy you will get the customers you desire.

4. Measure, analyse...

... and dare to question your strategy. We dare to do this and are convinced that this leads to the webshop that your customers will love.

Video is a powerfull medium. This medium should be your asset. The audio-visual production company "The Aquarium" is our dedicated business partner and has our complete trust when it comes to professional video productions.

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